Leveraging The Gifts Of The Greatest Generation.

I work with companies to enhance individual employee performance and create alignment company wide for higher levels of success. One of the tools I utilize is how to understand and leverage the various characteristics of the different generations. In all the years of studying generational differences and teaching effective ways of working together, I have found that it’s absolutely imperative that people master the values of one specific generation if they want to attain super high levels of success. If you are interested in “more than the norm” in your business, keep reading!

The Greatest Generation Truly is “The Greatest Generation”

Of all the generations (Greatest, Boomers, Generation X & Millennials), the Greatest generation possesses a distinct advantage over all the others when it comes to creating success and it’s present in every aspect of their being. Their way of doing things is often laughed about as it’s seen as ridiculous, unnecessary or a waste of time. However, when you look deeper at how this generation did things and then look at people that created high levels of success, you can see serious similarities and understand the tremendous value in learning from this generation and applying what they do.

What Makes Them So “Great?”

These people came from a simpler but challenging time (1925 – 1945). They were greatly influenced by events like the roaring 20’s, the great depression, world war one and two and the Korean war. As a result they became dedicated, respectful, patriotic and extremely loyal. They learned to not waste, to save for the future, to put their responsibilities before themselves and to sacrifice to create what they want. They don’t procrastinate, break their word or use excuses. These people suck it up, work hard for what they want, put in the time it takes to create it, don’t shirk their responsibilities and are grateful for the opportunities afforded them. They highly regard the satisfaction of a job well done.

Why Is It Important To Model This Generation?

I support people in creating higher levels of success everyday, it’s my career. From my experience of working with people for over 20 years, it’s not ability or talent that keeps people from being highly successful. There are lots of people out there with huge POTENTIAL. What keeps people from huge levels of success is a lack of ethics, values and morals that are critical to success. You may be one of those people that doesn’t want to face this but the truth is NO ONE OWES ANYONE ANYTHING and no one is going to show up and give you something. I don’t care what people say it’s very simple, if you want more, you are going to have to work for it! The Greatest Generation understands this concept and let’s face it, that concept seems to be dying off. For some reason, it’s become common for people to believe they DESERVE more for doing less but, if you can adopt and apply the ethics, values and morals of the Greatest Generation, you have a serious advantage.

How Do I Do What They Did?

Most of these people learned the hard way or were raised by people that learned the hard way. Life has a way of getting our attention sometimes and that’s one of the biggest challenges companies face. In our society, there’s a trend for people to be comfortable and we go out of our way to accommodate that. In doing this, we shelter people from hardship and along with that, the opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t like pain either but the truth is some of our greatest learning comes from pain (you didn’t touch the stove today, did you?). Creating the space for people to learn from their mistakes and then apply what they learned empowers people to grow and become more effective. It also removes the frustration and time wasted attempting to shelter or protect the company and increases individual accountability.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable/Challenge Yourself

Success is going to be work, hard work so just get used to it. You and your people are going to fail and if your vision and goals are huge, it will happen a lot. Get used to that as well. I highly suggest you learn to embrace it and learn from it. Make it ok for your employees to fail and find solutions. We are not our results so if someone tanks it big, it’s ok. It doesn’t mean anything, except you are working on something really big and that’s exciting! Stop seeking comfort (and I’m not saying to seek discomfort either). What I mean is that most people aren’t uncomfortable sitting on the couch eating ice cream because that’s not challenging. We aren’t growing when we lay around (except in the waist). When we push harder and go bigger it will be uncomfortable, the success comes when we use that discomfort as an indicator to weather we are challenging ourselves or not. Be patient and stay the course.

Be Grateful And Humble

I believe this is a lost art. I have worked with companies where I had to explain to employees that they were given the gift of a job. It’s weird to me that people believe their employer owes them more than a paycheck for the work they do and if you ask them to work late or do more, they act like you just hooked them up to a car battery! Being grateful is a great way to advance your position in a company and make more money (I’m not talking about being a brown noser). If you own your own company, you can apply this by working harder for your clients and expressing your gratitude often. Clients and employers provide the opportunity for us to pay our bills and put food on the table. That in itself in my opinion is a gift. If you want more in life, be humble, work harder, learn more, apply yourself and for God’s sake, QUIT WHINING!

Do The Right Thing

My father is a “greatest” and he and my mother recently put their home up for sale. Even though the realtor told him he didn’t have to, he has been patching holes from pictures, replacing sprinkler heads in the backyard, painting and doing repairs to the house. He could leave it alone for the next owner but he is adamant about leaving it in excellent condition. He believes that he is selling something to a person and he wants it to be right for them. The crazy part is people laugh and shake their heads when I tell them about it. They think he is crazy. Why do we laugh and think someone is crazy when they want to do the right thing? I am eternally grateful for the numerous lessons I received from my father and I think we can all take a page from his playbook.

I could write a ton more on this topic, there is so much to it  and in wrapping up I think it’s fair to acknowledge that our world has changed and I understand that we have to adapt but sometimes it pays to look back. Just because there is a new trend or a new way of doing things doesn’t always mean that it’s better or that the old ways are outdated. The fashion and design industries revive old styles all the time so why not look at the gifts of generations in the same way? You might think it’s old school but maybe it’s time to take out the old ways and dust them off to generate some serious success.

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For over 20 years Jeff Rogers has supported companies to obtain much bigger results that have previously eluded them. His no BS, no fluff approach helps companies quickly uncover a true direction to elevated results and provides simple to apply tools to obtain them.



How To Create An Aligned Support System that Works

There is huge value in having an “aligned support system” to help you achieve your dreams and get you to where you want to be. Although I believe it’s very important to create alignment of self (you can’t have it anywhere if you don’t have it with you first) it is equally, if not more important, to create an aligned support system. It simply comes down to the fact that when you are in alignment, you can create huge results but, if you want to be the best and create something amazing, you cannot do it without the aligned support of others.

When I first started BrainStorm, I thought I had a lot of support. So many people were telling me how great it was that I was going out on my own. They were excited for me, told me I would be awesome and to let them know how they could support me. What I later found out was that although everyone was excited for me, very few were aligned with the support I truly needed to make this venture a success. They were great “cheerleaders” but not the kind of support I needed. Now hear me, I adore the cheerleaders as their love is real, however, when it comes to creating results, it takes more than a “yeah!!” and a hug to get the job done. Of course the question, HOW DO I CREATE AN ALIGNED SUPPORT SYSTEM THAT WORKS?

Decide What Alignment Looks Like For You

We create great results when we are in alignment with our values (who we really are). This is  the source of our great power. Before we can create an aligned support system, we must first decide what it looks like for ourselves so we can find those that match that set of values. Our culture teaches that we are a reflection of our results. I call bullshit on that one. WHO WE REALLY ARE has nothing to do with our results but rather the innate values we are born with and maintain throughout our entire life. (Side Note: I have a whole section in my Magnitude Vision Course where I teach you how to find who you really are.)

Only when we understand WHO WE REALLY ARE at a cognitive level and operate from that place will we find alignment. When we find it for ourselves, then we can search it out in others and create alignment with them and the way we support each other.

Be Selective

NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO SUPPORT YOU!! Grow up, man up, put on the big girl panties and get over it. Remember, you are looking for people that align with you and not everyone is going to. I have lots of friends and acquaintances and I love them all but not all of them are a part of my support system. You want to be selective when you create your support system. Find people that are a fit and whose support will serve a purpose. When you do this, not only will you grow faster, you will have great relationships with people that you love to be around simply because they are a fit with your values and “who you really are.”

Tell People How They Can Support You

When I first started BrainStorm and was seeking support, it was very frustrating. All these people that said they were here to support, simply didn’t. Or at least in the way I wanted them to. As I examined the results I was creating it occurred to me that I never told people “HOW” I really wanted to be supported. To the contrary, I had set the context with a lot of my fans that I was tough and committed and I “didn’t really need their support.” Of course, that wasn’t the case for me. I loved these people and really wanted support from them in the form of action but all my previous communication and behavior with them contradicted that. It was an exercise for me in expectation and communication. They were just showing up the way I unknowingly told them to. The cool part was, once I noticed it, I made the adjustment, shifted my communication and asked for what I wanted. Miraculously, people started showing up the way I wanted. Keep in mind, not everyone is going to align with you and show up how you want them to. That’s ok.

Ask Others How You Can Support Them

I never put someone in my support system that I cannot also support. This has to be a symbiotic relationship. There are 2 parts to a support system, the receiving part and the contribution part. When someone is constantly contributing with no benefit for them, they become aggravated, frustrated and tired. Eventually, without mutual benefit, you will lose people from your support system if you are not contributing to them as well. It’s also vital that you accept the support of others. I admit, I had to learn this one the hard way. There was a time in my life when it was hard for me to accept gifts from others. Communication is critical here so you are clear about your roles in both parts of the support system and are sure you are showing up in both areas.


Once you have created support with people you align with, commit. Make it a point to show up how you said you would. Most people in this world talk a mean game but when it’s time to show up, they don’t. Everyone has an experience with those people that said they were going to be there and never showed up. Of course stuff happens but nothing will kill a support system faster than someone that says they’re in and then doesn’t follow though.  

Hold Yourself And Others Accountable

I’ve found that people often are reluctant to hold each other accountable. Maybe it’s because if I hold you accountable then you’re going to hold me accountable. I’m not sure, but rest assured that if you come on board, I’m going to hold you to what you committed to and I expect the same from you. This isn’t a beat up game, just an accountable way of communicating that makes sure everyone in the support system is winning. Sometimes the truth is tough to hear but I always appreciate the opportunity that comes with it. Not communicating about a challenge or problem is simply a missed opportunity. Communication is the key to moving forward will strengthen your relationships and support systems.

I love having support from those around me. It just makes everything easier. Of course, support is useless if it isn’t serving a directed purpose. Think about what’s important to you. How much easier would it be to achieve what you really wanted if you had great support? Who do you want to have in your support system? How do you need them to be or show up? How can you support them? I encourage you to answer these questions and then get busy creating an aligned support system.

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Achieving Excellence in 4 Simple Steps

Over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl this weekend. I’m sure you are one of them. But let me ask you this, other than the plays of the game, the pricey commercials and the halftime show entertainment, did you really pay attention to what was going on? You’re probably asking yourself right now, WTF is Jeff talking about, what else was there? I’m talking about the level of excellence represented during this once in a lifetime event.

Now follow me for a second, there are 32 teams in the NFL. Each team can maintain a roster of 53 players however, only 46 of those players can actually be available to play during a game. That means that there are only 1,696 people on the planet at a given time, that have the opportunity to play the game at this level. When you consider that only 2 teams make it to the final game, only 92 players stood on the sidelines representing their respective teams. That’s only 5.4% of all the eligible players in the entire league. The numbers shrink even more when you consider that a lot of those 46 players never set foot on the field.

To make it to this level, you have to be the best of the best. The cool part is, this level of excellence doesn’t just apply to football or sports. My parents just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. How many couples do you know of that hit that mark these days? In business, how many Steve Jobs’ or Mark Zuckerberg’s do you encounter? Pretty small numbers. So the question is, how do you get to this level of excellence? If you want to achieve the kind of success these superstars of our era have, it’s simple, do what they do, right? Easier said than done. So to get you started, I’ve compiled some some simple steps to help you out;

Be Different.

A mentor once told me that if I wanted to be successful, I should “watch what everyone else was doing and don’t do that.” In this world I see so many people trying to fit in. They buy the same clothes, eat the same food, listen to the same music, drive the same cars, and talk the same talk. When you consider that the majority of the world lives in mediocrity, it seems pretty silly to model your behavior after “most people.” I say look at those few highly successful people and do what they are doing. Stop trying to fit in, be successfully unique.

Dream Big.

By the time most people get to the age where they are on their own, they have pretty much decided what is possible for them and what is not. They have developed a self limiting dialogue and behavior patterns to support it. The sad part is, they have surrendered to living smaller and having less. You don’t have to be one of the people that accepts less for yourself. Dreaming bigger is a foundational concept of my work and I support people everyday in getting clear in a big way and finding solutions to make those dreams come true. The biggest reality I consistently see constantly is most people don’t dream big enough.

Make Big Decisions & Apply Action.

Everything starts with a decision. Believe it or not, there is actually a part of your brain that has to make a decision for your heart to beat. If that decision doesn’t get made, it doesn’t happen. The cool part is, that everything that happens in your life is based on the decisions you make. The really cool part is, that if you want something different to happen for you, you have to make a different decision than what hasn’t worked in the past and then, apply the actions necessary support that decision. Making big decisions about your life requires a huge amount of individual accountability and a deep, burning desire for things to be different. You have to give up the stories and the justifications that keep you stuck where you are and then be willing to take some huge steps. Anyone who created something huge had to dream bigger and then surrender to the decisions and actions that supported that dream.

Up Your Game.

People who achieve great things, participate at a higher level than the majority and they are always looking for ways to be better. They do what I like to call “upping their game.” To illustrate this point, I want you to think about something you really, truly desire. What could you do today to be better at creating that result? How can you up your game to get there sooner? For example, if you want a better, more loving relationship with your spouse, maybe you could do something as simple as holding their hand more often or going on a date once a week. It may sound small or insignificant but you would be amazed how little things make a big difference. I encourage you to identify the areas in which you want more success and make a list of how you can up your game to get to those results you are seeking.

Recently, I had a friend that watched my BrainStorm Dreams Video that features people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling etc. He told me that, in his opinion, most people didn’t believe that they could accomplish such things as these people did. The point of my video is not  to put dreams out of people’s reach but rather to inspire and exhibit that all great accomplishments started with a big dream. Now, you may not want be the next NFL superstar or change the world like Martin Luther King did, but do you still have a dream? I believe that no matter what the size of your dream,  it’s important to live it. To go after it and attain it. Apply these 4 steps and lets see if you don’t get closer to it.
Watch my Dreams Video on YouTube here… and let me know your thoughts

Solutions from What Is Brainstorms

Creating Powerful Solutions from “What Is”

Creating Powerful Solutions from “What Is”

Last week, the east coast was hit with a snow storm. Several days before the storm, the news media was banging away with story after story about how terrible it was going to be. After it hit, they were “Johnny on the spot” with live reports showing tons of snow piled up and people going on about how terrible it is. Flights were canceled, cars were buried and the snow plows hadn’t made it to every neighborhood yet. Now I’ll agree that those are some serious inconveniences, but I’m pretty confident that this is not the first snowstorm to ever hit the east coast in January. So why all the drama?

Well, for news programs, drama produces higher ratings which must mean that people like it. People seem to get pretty dramatic about the weather and a lot of other things as well but, does all this drama solve the problem? I think we can all agree that it doesn’t. I also think that we can agree that if we skipped the drama, we would all be much better off. Of course, the big question is, how do we do that in a world that seems to thrive on drama?

Accept “What Is”

I’m sure the people affected by the storms were not happy about it. I’m confident it was a major inconvenience, but did the drama and all the stress that goes along with it, change anything? Of course not. Giving your energy to something you have no power to change only drains you and creates undue stress. When you start accepting “what is,” you create the space for more peace and less stress in your life.

“Quit Ur Bitchin’”

There are things in this world worth fighting for and then there are those things that aren’t. Even when you ARE fighting for something do you have to complain? Constant complaining doesn’t help and usually only serves to piss other people off. Ever been around someone that just won’t let it go? Ever been that person? I don’t know about you but I just want to punch those people in the face. If you are going to take a stand for something, do it in a constructive manner and make sure it’s for something worthwhile. If not, everyone would appreciate it if you would just shut the hell up!

Find A Solution

This is the way to get things done. Complaining creates noise, solutions create action. I saw a Facebook post from a friend of mine in Philadelphia were all his neighbors got together with their snow blowers and shovels and all chipped in to dig themselves out. They got the job done and had fun in the process. Of course, they didn’t make the news but their street was clear on the first day and they could drive their cars. Maybe I don’t get it but that seems like a better result to me.

Don’t Participate In The Drama

If you truly dislike drama I challenge you to not participate. Shut off the TV, don’t listen when others do it and instead, focus on something productive. When you do this, I guarantee you will feel better, enjoy more peace, have more energy and certainly get more done.

Do you perpetrate drama? Do you participate in it? Is it really supporting the results you want for yourself? Maybe if we had less drama in this world, we would have less problems. Let’s give it a shot and see what happens. I’m in.  

finding peace crazy world

Finding Peace in a Crazy World

I think most people would agree, it’s pretty easy to find something that bothers them. To find something wrong and out of whack with this world, all you have to do is tune into social media, watch the news or listen to the average person in line at Starbucks to see people complaining and/or arguing about something. I have to admit that I sometimes find myself frustrated by the actions of others or things that are out of my control and it can be difficult at times to stay positive. Can you relate?

Now, it may be true that we live in a time when people just don’t care as much as they used to and have diminished values or moral standards. I won’t debate that point, AND I absolutely believe it is still possible to find peace amongst all the chaos.  Of course, it may take focus, patience and a little effort but here are some simple practices to help you bridge the gap between a life of peace and a life of stress.

Find Three Things To Be Grateful For Everyday

This is a simple practice that I start my day with and sometimes fall back on when things are getting stressful. By focusing on the positive things in my life, I find it easier to minimize the challenges. I know some people say there is nothing positive about their life, however, I think if you really take a look around you, there is an abundance of amazing things in your life to be grateful fo.  I have worked with some pretty cynical people that swore there was nothing good in their life but after a little digging, began to see that their life was actually full of things to be grateful for.

Be Good To Yourself

Typically, most people are sympathetic or tolerant of others’ behaviors and shortcomings but super critical of themselves. How can you possibly be in a positive place if you are kicking your own ass? Furthermore, what kind of stress are you putting on yourself? Like most people, you are probably doing the best you KNOW HOW right now. Is better possible? Sure, but is beating yourself up supporting the results you’re looking for? Does this motivate you to do more? Probably not. Be good to yourself and give yourself a break. This doesn’t mean to give yourself an “out” or an excuse to continue unproductive behaviors, but rather be gentle with yourself while you figure out solutions to create better results moving forward. This also doesn’t mean that you have to be Stuart Smalley (for you SNL fans!) Just be positive when you screw something up. Hell, maybe you could even laugh at yourself a little.

Keep Your Eye On What’s Important

Lets face it, most of the things that we complain about or stress over are not really big things when it comes down to it. Most people reading this article are not in need of food, shelter, clean water or decent clothing. And, keep in mind, that there are people that are. Most of what we complain about is pathetic when you consider some of the real hardships in this world. If traffic bothers you (and yes it does me too,) I think you would agree that it’s a positive thing that you have a car that gets you where you want to be. When you look at it that way, sitting in traffic is not that big a deal, right? Even if you look at what we do often consider to be a big deal, in the grand scheme of things, how big is it really? How much more energy would you have and how much more could you get done, if you didn’t allow little stuff to bother you?

Let It Go

Please resist the need to sing that Disney song right now (my wife knows I’m talking to her here…) I find it so gratifying when I just let something that bothers me go. When I make a conscious decision to not respond or give it any energy at all. This is especially gratifying when I find myself going there and then make a “U-turn” back to the positive. Not only does this save time, I get a boost of energy from the pride I take in doing what I know works. I also find that other people respond positively to this behavior. Lets face it, we’ve all been around that person that absolutely refuses to let something stupid go and how awkward it gets when they continue to rant about it. Do you really want to be THAT person?

Be Crystal Clear

The greatest advantage you can have is being absolutely clear about the direction of your life and what you really want. It keeps everything else in perspective when you are very clear about things that don’t support the life you want and therefore they will have little or no influence over you or your thoughts. With that, the direction or path to create what you desire is predetermined and the stress of worrying about things that could take you off that path dissipates. With great clarity comes great freedom and peace.

If you’d like some help with creating this crystal clear, defined path for your life, be sure to check out our Magnitude Vision Course and Group Coaching Program.

Bottom line, is what’s stressing you out really that big of a deal? Think about what’s great about your life? What’s great about you? Are you clear about what you really want? How much more energy would you have and how much better would you feel if could just let things that bother you go?

Be aware, make a decision and shift. Try it for a day then a week, let me know in the comments how it works out for you.

Quit Quitting

Quit Quitting! Finding the Motivation To Achieve HUGE Results.

Wish you could stay motivated and quit losing momentum when you’re working on your goals?

When setting goals, week 4 is the time the majority of people go back to their old behaviors. Which is great week for me because I get my parking space and equipment back at the gym and it’s great news for the bars because all their old customers have returned to eat, drink and sit around watching the games. Now of course, if you have been following along with my blog posts and exercises for the past 4 weeks you certainly have a jump on those who started on  January 1. So right now you might be hitting the week 4 slump. And trust me, in 2 or 3 more weeks, things at the gym will be slowing down and the bar will be picking up as those people reach week 4.

The 4th week in a goal setting process is a very important time because this is the time when you find out how committed you really are. If you are still in the game, cool you’re doing great. If you are statistically like most, well, nice try…again.

So what happens at week 4? It’s simple, people lose motivation. What was once seemed so important and such a great idea has lost it’s appeal. Maybe the results aren’t happening fast enough, you’ve hit unexpected challenges or the outcome doesn’t seem worth the effort any more (or so you think). Whatever it is, you no longer have the motivation to get to the gym. The catch though, is that we have to find motivation to get the results we want. So before we can get to the solution, I think we need to discuss motivation, what it really is and how we increase it for ourselves.

What motivates you?

Most people answer this question with a list of things they think are cool or something they desire. Money, cars, sex, fun, travel, free time, shopping, more sex etc. I would argue, however, that those things don’t have the power to motivate you at all. Most people believe these things are motivational because of how they feel about what they want or when they receive instant gratification from these items. The truth is, believe it or not, if money could motivate, it would motivate everyone. My 83 year old mother is not motivated by sex (I think I just threw up in my mouth) and contrary to popular belief, neither are you. You may like it but it is not the source of your motivation.

What is motivation really?

So what IS the source of your motivation? Motivation is connected to your self esteem or how you feel about yourself. Think about it, when you are down and not feeling great about yourself or situation, do you really feel like jumping up and getting busy? Typically not. You may be able to overcome that, suck it up and get busy anyway, but how long is that sustainable with a crappy view of yourself? Not long, that’s for sure! When we feel great about ourselves and our situation, we are generally more excited about doing what it takes to get what we want. It’s simple, when our self esteem is elevated, we will do more of what it takes to create the results we want. The challenge is, how do you raise your self esteem?

How do I raise my self esteem?

Your self esteem is a direct reflection of the alignment you have with your values. When you are out of alignment with your values, your self esteem drops and your motivation goes with it. Likewise, when you are in alignment with your values, your self esteem elevates and your motivation increases. As I stated before, when you are more motivated, you will naturally do more of what it takes to create the results you are looking for, regardless of how you feel about the activity. You might even find ways to make unpleasant tasks more enjoyable. The trick here is getting into alignment with your values and getting back into alignment when you are out.

How do I create alignment with my values?

Basically, what we’re talking about here is integrity but I prefer to say that the best way to  create alignment with your values is simply a matter of having a great relationship with your word. Give your word and keep it. To others, to yourself, to what you say, to your goals and what it takes to achieve them. When you do this, you are forced to live your life in integrity and thus in alignment with your values. Self esteem rises as a result of this increased internal relationship and suddenly you are more motivated to do what it takes to create the results you want. Take a moment now to think about one thing you want. What would you have to give your word to in order to create that result? How would you have to show up? Do you see how giving your word and keeping it would support you staying in the game and completing the tasks necessary to get your goal?

What are your true values?

Most people describe their values with words like honesty and integrity. Yes, those are part of a value system and there is much more to the values I’m talking about. What I’m talking about here is innate values or the values you were born with. Consider a small child and look at how they are or how they are being at any given time. What do you notice? They are honest (because they haven’t learned how to lie), fun, passionate, loving, caring, trusting, open, interested in things, have lots of energy and the list continues. Imagine if you were living your life in alignment with these innate values. You just might have more success in your business and personal life, right?

When you live from these innate values, you are living in “integrity” with yourself and are therefore in alignment. With that, your relationship with yourself improves and your self esteem rises. As your self esteem rises, you become more motivated and the more motivated you are, the more likely you are to do what it takes to create the results you desire in your life.

So what do you really want? Money, relationship, sex, travel, liberty? Whatever that is, identify your values and do everything you can to stay in alignment with those values. When you find yourself out of alignment, get back in. I guarantee that your results will improve dramatically.

Let me know how you’re doing on your goals this year so far? Share your comments below.


How to Avoid Killing Your New Year’s Resolutions.

This post is part 3 of a 4 week series designed to help you get more of what you want in 2016. I know it’s the first week of the year so you may be wondering why I am in week 3 when all the people in my industry are discussing week 1. Well, If you have been reading my posts, you already know that my first post (How to Finally Achieve Huge Results in 2016) addressed the value of not procrastinating and getting started with what you want right away. My second post (Get Started and Stay Moving) provided additional tools to support being ahead of the game. If you haven’t seen those posts, I highly suggest that you go back and read them as this post will provide tools that build on the ones provided in those previous posts. Today, I am going to provide practices that will support you in going farther and staying in the game possibly longer than you ever have before.

Let’s face it, if you have a really big vision and great goals, it’s going to take some time to make that happen and staying in the game is critical to your success. If you took my advice in the first post and STARTED NOW instead of waiting, you are now in your 3rd week of working on whatever your vision or goal is. Statistically, you are at that time when the majority of people quit, give up or return to old behaviors that don’t support them. What was so important 3 weeks ago, is now just another failure or unrealized goal. So let’s give you some tools that will keep you from being a part of that nasty statistic once and for all.

Apply “Simple, Healthy, Habits” to avoid burn out

I think everyone wants to get the results they desire as quickly as possible. As a result, they come out of the gates on fire, going 100 MPH. Although the added effort is great, sustaining an unreasonable pace generally leads to burnout. I have seen more people stop going after something they really desired or even sabotage it because they set an unrealistic pace for themselves or bit off more than they could chew. The easier something is to do, the more likely we are to do it. It may take a little longer to get what we want but an easier, slower pace will help you stay in the game and assure success. Of course, we want these activities to be positive and support the outcome we are looking for so it’s important that they are Healthy. Last, we want the positive behaviors to become more difficult not to do than they are to do. When this happens, you are assured that you will attain your goals and ultimately your vision. It may take a little longer, but it’s well worth it.

Stay Focused (keep your eye on the prize)

Whatever it is that you are going after had a purpose when you started. Pain, failure, unforeseen obstacles, rejection and numerous other challenges may have caused you to lose sight of your objective. The passion you had when you started may have faded. It’s important that you remember and focus on the reason you set this goal to begin with. If you have a vision and this goal is attached to it, you may remember how achieving this goal supports that greater purpose.

Apply Supportive Behaviors to Avoid Procrastination and Doubt

I don’t consider myself a writer but it is an important part of getting this information to you. I often get blocked or don’t like what I have written. I do however realize that the behavior of sitting down and writing is supportive of my vision and is therefore a productive behavior. I also realize that every time I write, I get better at it and I find it easier to communicate my thoughts. Now, I may never be a Hemmingway or Jack London, but I’m staying the course and putting it out there by applying supportive behaviors when I find myself avoiding the task of writing. What behaviors do you need to apply to keep going to get your goal?

I truly believe your vision and goals are important. I think you deserve to live the life you desire. Do you? I also believe that it is your responsibility and you owe it to yourself to do what it takes to have what you want. With these practices, you increase your odds of living the life you desire instead of settling for one that is less than what you want.

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Get Started and Stay Moving

In my last blog post, I talked about what you need to have in place in order to achieve huge results in 2016. If you haven’t had a chance to read or need a refresher, here’s a link. How to Finally Achieve Huge Results in 2016. Once you have a clear vision, goals are set and you have identified the actions needed to achieve your goals, as I mentioned in that post, you’re ready to get started. If you haven’t done those 3 things, I highly recommend you go back and do them.  If you are already starting this process by not applying the previous tools, what makes you think you will do what it takes to have what you want moving forward. This could be why you’ve fallen short in the past or are not yet where you want to be. If you have done what I asked, let’s keep moving.

You might be surprised to learn that starting is actually the easiest part of creating huge results. I won’t say everyone, but when most people finally get tired of the same old routine or previous results, they get 100% committed, excited, and are ready to kick some serious ass…It’s like being shot out of a gun. You’re hot and ready to go. The trick is keeping it there. Big results are seldom achieved in a sprint. Really great things are achieved as a result of hard work and dedication over an extended period of time.

Getting what we truly want requires changing behaviors that don’t support the results we’re looking for. Some people can take that way too far and as a result they miss an important step. What they miss is the second part I’ll talk about below…identifying the behaviors that DO support what we want and finding ways to duplicate those behaviors. Sometimes success is not a matter of changing something but rather using something we already do well in another area. So as you start going after this awesome vision and these amazing goals take some time to…

Identify the behaviors you use that do not support what you want in your life

I want you to actually get a notebook and write them down. Take some time and go deeper. When you get blocked or can’t think of any more, take a break and come back to it. Don’t try to shortcut this process because I think you’ll find that’s just another behavior that doesn’t work for you.

Identify the behaviors you use that do support what you want in your life

Again, take your time and go deeper. This is an important list for a couple of reasons. Chances are you already do what it takes to create the results you are looking for and it’s just a matter of applying that to another area of your life. Typically, these productive behaviors can counter your non-productive behaviors. When you are stuck or off-track all you have to do is look at this list and the tool you are looking for should be there. That’s assuming that you actually did this step. If not, you might want to add that to the list of non supportive behaviors.

Take these 2 lists and post them where you can see them often

If you want to get back on track quickly when you are off your game, you’ll be able to see immediately what needs to be adjusted towards more productive behaviors. The only way I know to do that is to study. I like to write things on my whiteboard where I can see them often. This method is like listening to the radio for me. The more often I hear the song, the more familiar I am with the lyrics and the quicker I learn it. The same applies with adjusting your behavior. When I know what my non supportive behaviors are, I can catch them quickly and shift. If I don’t really know them, my chances of catching them are reduced and I spend more time being non-productive. Make sense?

Knowing and understanding these behaviors is key to your success. It assures that you stay  productive and provides the path when you are off. Most of my clients find that when they apply this tool, they produce what they want much faster simply because they are more efficient and therefore much more effective. Of course, you have to do the work and apply the tool to get that result. That behavior in and of itself requires awareness, discipline and hard work. I know that’s the last thing you want to hear but I didn’t say this was going to be easy…did I?

We are always here to help or answer questions. Reach out to us if you need support.

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BrainStorm Results in 2016

How to Finally Achieve Huge Results in 2016

Are you ready to finally achieve huge results in 2016? I want to help you get there so, over the next few weeks, I am writing a series of articles to support you in finally achieving huge results for yourself in 2016 and beyond.  These articles will be packed full of tools you can use to be more successful than you were last year. Of course, articles are great but they are useless if you don’t use or apply the tools that I give you. With that, I ask that you apply what I provide. If you aren’t willing to do that or you’re just here to browse, stop reading now and go on to something that you feel will serve you better. No sense wasting your time, right?

I started a 24 day workout challenge just after Thanksgiving. Although a lot of people thought it was the dumbest time to start working out, dieting and not drinking. I felt that it was the perfect time for me.

Think about it, what are most people doing right now? First, they are gorging themselves on every holiday treat that is brought into their office (glom, glom, glom). Drinking it up at every Christmas party they can attend and, most damaging, talking about what they are going to do and how things are going to be when the new year comes. Now, call me crazy, but I find it hard to understand how planning a healthy habit while using an unproductive one is going to be effective. How is the habit of putting something off going to support the results you really want to create in 2016? Let me ask you this, if you are willing to put off what you want now, what are you going to put off later? So the first step towards achieving huge results next year is…

Don’t wait, START NOW!

Putting things off, procrastination, stories, excuses all have one thing in common. They have absolutely no power to support you in creating what you say you want. How many highly successful people have you ever heard say that they really started creating huge results when they started putting things off and using stories and excuses to justify their behavior? NONE! So why expend any energy at all utilizing those behaviors? They don’t work, they never have and they never will.

Now, when I started working out and dieting, I didn’t just blindly go into it. I created a plan. I made some serious decisions about what I wanted and how that fit in my life. I also did some research on the most effective way for me to get that result. Which brings us to step number two for success this coming year…

Slow down and think for a minute while you get really crystal clear about the results you want and the goals you need to set to support you in attaining those results.

I get this all the time, “aren’t my goals what I really want?” Well, no. Goals are the steps that support getting you to what you really want. Most people don’t achieve their goals because they aren’t tied to a greater purpose or passion… something bigger. They are nice things (vacations, cars and maybe even relationships etc.) however, they are typically not well defined. With that, they become a momentous desire with no regard for what life would look like once they achieve it and therefore makes it an empty goal. Could this be why so many relationships end so soon after they begin? Without thinking bigger or into the future what is the point of getting into just another relationship or setting yet another goal? Nice to have, but no real purpose. When you identify what you desire in the form of a clear, carefully designed, long term vision, setting goals that support that vision will then provide meaningful application to the goal setting process and increases your odds of getting (and keeping) what you want. With the attainment of every goal, you are building the LIFE of purpose that you really want to live. The third step towards your huge results in 2016 may surprise you…


But didn’t I just say “start now?” Yes and be patient for a moment, we’ll get there, but first you have one more important step. After properly creating your vision (I have a tool for that, that I’ll tell you more about later) and setting your goals, you must identify the ACTIONS required to attain those goals and THEN start moving. Don’t skip this step! Most people go after things they have never attained with no forethought or research into exactly what they have to do to achieve it. 60 days later they are frustrated because they are applying old behaviors in an attempt to create something different (insanity!!). When you stop and take your time to figure out solutions and actions to attain your goals, solutions and support become clearer and getting what you want becomes easier.

It just makes sense to me that if I want a positive outcome, I should start with positive thoughts and behaviors. By starting now (urgency), getting clear and then taking action, you’re starting on the right foot.

Now that we have you moving in a positive direction, look out for my next post, where I will provide more tools that support you in achieving the results you’re really looking for.

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