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One on One Coaching

Most of our clients are fallouts from the personal growth industry. Why? Because they’ve never generated the big results they were looking for by attending other courses. They may have an awareness of something bigger or more powerful but don’t have the tools or don’t know how to apply the tools to get them where they want to be.

What makes our coaching process unique is that it is not a cookie cutter program.  The format is dynamic and evolves depending on what YOU want to accomplish.

As a successful coach, Jeff is relentless about his clients getting results and he will not let you whine or make excuses along the way. This is real coaching for people who are serious about real results in business and relationships.

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Micro Coaching

Jeff also offers shorter term Micro Coaching Sessions. 1 hour, ½ day or full day sessions.
Sometimes people just need a little assistance or objective viewpoint to get on track with a certain challenge or project but don’t require a long term coaching commitment.

Micro Coaching works well for brainstorming sessions, tune-ups or working past smaller obstacles that may be interfering with obtaining a specific goal or objective.

Relationship Rehab

Contrary to popular belief, relationships are not always 2 people running together in a field of flowers. Although not uncommon, lack of mutual respect, confrontation, personal agenda, communication, hurtful behavior and differing viewpoints and opinions all contribute to communication breakdown. If not addressed, these challenges can damage the foundation of the relationship and if left unchecked, could destroy your relationship entirely.

Jeff’s success with couples is a result of his ability to create a safe environment where people can be honest and address what needs to be handled without having to be politically correct or sensitive to additional conflict.

The good news is that huge success and harmony can come from conflicts in relationship. If addressed, everyone communicates their viewpoint respectfully, are open to resolution and new agreements are made and kept, a solid foundation for your relationship can be created. Further engagement with empowering communication techniques build on that foundation and create the framework for the relationship to grow in a positive direction even when conflict is present.

CLICK HERE to talk to Jeff about what’s possible for your relationship.

Sue Pierce

“Working with Jeff, I increased business revenue by 400% over the previous year. During the coaching process I set a goal to generate $500,000 or more in income and that has been accomplished within the first year. My business is currently positioned to more than double that figure this year.”

Sue PierceBusiness Owner - Phoenix, AZ
Steve Szabo

One of my goals has been to increase my income from a new business I had recently started. Within 3 months of working with Jeff, my income has almost tripled. He’s an expert at identifying areas in one’s life that prevent success and at recommending activities that empowered me to take action in a huge way.

Steve SzaboNetwork Marketing Professional - Honolulu, HI
Elizabeth Baxter

I started coaching because I desperately wanted my life to be different. I lacked clarity, was stressed out and struggled in relationships. As a bartender working long, hard hours in a thankless industry, I was burnt. Coaching helped me to see my true passion and as a result, I started my own company as a personal fitness trainer. In just 6 months, I generated more income than I would have in a year as a bartender. I now have the liberty to travel and the skills to relax and create fulfilling relationships. I am currently working on an innovative product that will allow more profits and free time for myself. Absolutely loving my life.”

Elizabeth BaxterPersonal Trainer - Phoenix, AZ
Christopher Jozeph

I AM a success story for having known Jeff Rogers. Jeff is a life and business coach, a mentor, a man of integrity and possesses an innate ability to provide the tools along with the education on how to apply them for the individual to reach their goals. Over the last year, I lost direction in my career and more importantly, my marriage feeling as if I was drowning with no hope. I was in My Own Way. I made a choice to work with Jeff and do what it took to get back what I value most. Jeff taught me how to slay dragons and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. As result, TODAY, I have a new position with an incredible company and my wife and I have fallen in love all over again….With Jeff by my side and a loving marriage with my wife, I AM on top of the world. I hope that my success story will serve as inspiration to those in a similar place that I WAS in. I am forever grateful to Jeff Rogers.

Christopher Jozeph Marketing Executive - Marina Del Rey, CA