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Meet Jeff

The Quit Whining, No Excuses, Get Busy Creating the Life You Love Coach!

For 20+ years Jeff has been helping people achieve success in their business and personal lives as a successful seminar instructor, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, businessman and results coach.

Jeff uses uncomplicated coaching methods and an innate ability to empower his clients to push past their obstacles and finally achieve results they never thought possible.
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He is a no-nonsense, get busy, take action kind of guy and is relentless about people getting what they want out of their lives, their businesses and their relationships. His intuition is impeccable and he won’t let his clients “off the hook” while supporting them to move forward with confidence. You say you want something, Jeff’s the man to help you get busy!

A family man, married for 21 years to his amazing wife and business partner (you won’t find many couples who can successfully do that!)

Jeff enjoys spending time with friends, good food and an avid lover of the outdoors – hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and skiing.