A person in alignment can achieve amazing results. When you add a support system that has that same alignment, those results increase to much higher levels. What we can do on our own is amazing. What we can do with an aligned support system is LIMITLESS!

Achieve Mastermind engages the concepts of support and collaboration to encourage greater, more purposeful action that creates much bigger results. This 8 week experience creates a built in, aligned support system for you to leverage, moving you towards desired results much quicker. 

BrainStorm's Achieve Mastermind is a unique experience guided by trained and seasoned instructors. Every week, these facilitators provide tools that support alignment in mindset and behavior to attain desired results. Not only are you getting collaboration, brainstorming, ideas and support but you are also receiving proven techniques that support further growth both personally and professionally.

Achieve Mastermind groups are limited to 10 people to assure greater personal attention, alignment and intimacy with the group.


How It Works

Every week for 8 weeks, you will participate in a 2 hour Zoom Meeting with 10 other high level participants. These meetings are designed as a braintrust to provide feedback, solutions and support for attaining high level results. 

You have opportunities every week to present successes and challenges while gaining support and ideas from the group. You also have the opportunity to support others by sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences. This type of support is extremely helpful as it provides different unique viewpoints from a group of outside observers that aren't emotionally connected to your project or results. You also receive training, tools and coaching from a seasoned, professional facilitator to enhance your skills and mindset. You will have access to this coach throughout the 8 weeks of this program if you require additional support.  

Success in this environment is all about collaboration with an aligned support system. Establishing, growing and using this system is important and that is done with participation. Your contribution is highly important as is attendance for both receiving and giving support. It's so critical and serious to the growth of the individuals in the group that If for any reason, you miss 2 meetings, you will be removed from the team.


Anna Hensley

"Being a part of Brainstorm's Mastermind program, I re-discovered that I could create what ever I wanted in my business by applying specific tools and taking action daily! I became a board member of a well known charter school, I increased my monthly net income by 32%, I established a new business partnership and connected with some powerful business leaders around the country. Looking back, seeing real results from a program that challenged me, other business owners that supported and inspired me and a dedicated coach that pushed me when I didn't think I needed pushing, I realized that I did all the work - day in and day out, to create the results that I created! I am grateful for the Mastermind program that Brainstorm and Jeff Rogers has put together... hands down, the best one out there!!!"

Achieve Mastermind


Team Starting January 13, 2021


  • 8 - 2 hour group Achieve Mastermind Zoom meeting calls (8 weeks total)

  • Structured meetings
  • Trained, experienced call facilitation and coaching

  • Additional success tools and concepts presented weekly

  • Weekly access to trained coach/facilitator for questions and support

  • Instant built in support system for ideas and collaboration with 9 other participants


Need More Information?

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