C-Level Coaching

As a successful coach and business owner for 26+ years, Jeff is relentless about his clients getting results. He custom designs programs for upper and mid level management as well as company owners that suit their specific needs. From start ups to  succession planning and everything in between, let Jeff design a program to help you make the most of your human assets.

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Team Coaching

Jeff's unique abilities to engage and motivate teams to success is unparalleled. Sales Coaching, Team Building Programs, Conflict Resolution and Leadership Training are just a few of the custom programs designed and facilitated by Jeff and his team to help companies and teams achieve maximum results.

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Vision Training

To most companies vision is a statement on a website that mean little or nothing to clients or employees. Although they are nice words, they do nothing to support a companies path to success. Additionally, companies utilize past performance to determine where they are headed but that it is not a solid indicator of future results. The only true method to ensure success and growth is to make specific choices about the future path of the company.

BrainStorm engages a vision process to specifically spell out the true path of a company and the goals to support greater success. 

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Core Culture & Communication

Most companies operate from an assumed culture. They believe that they and their people know and operate from a shared culture. The truth is that most companies have never engaged a serious process to define and implement a aligned culture and communication process. 

BrainStorm implements a process to establish and define the true Culture and Communication assets of a company and trains management and employees how to align behind this defined culture. 

This alignment creates a healthy company of individuals with clear focus and a defined clarity of purpose.


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Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace is disruptive to productivity, efficiency, morale, company reputation and even the bottom line. 

BrainStorms' resolution process seeks to create respectful communication, compassion, understanding, balance, and agreements that will empower people to work together in a nurturing, productive, positive environment. It sets a framework of honesty, compassion, understanding and openness while reducing the stress that builds from the inability to effectively communicate.

We work to create a mutually agreeable foundation for relationships to grow and be an environment where all feel empowered, valued, respected and heard.

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Sales Training

The landscape of company sales practices seems to be changing daily however, the foundational tools of sales remains unchanged. Prospecting, relationship building, excellent communication skills, creating substantial product value and follow through are critical tools that must be trained and practiced constantly to ensure the cash flow of a company.

BrainStorm has developed a process to easily and effectively bring your sales departments up to speed and keep them succeeding even in turbulent times. 

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Achieve Corporate Mastermind

Extreme clarity, intense focus, team alignment, collaboration and drive towards defined specific objectives is what Achieve is all about. This 8 week intensive program supports teams of 10 participants to work together efficiently, apply discipline and align their efforts to achieve much greater results, quicker.   

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Corporate Retreats

Changes in technology have made it easy to work from home, be remote and do our jobs almost anywhere on the planet. The challenge with this is that it creates personal distance and can interfere with company morale and overall team performance.

BrainStorm works with companies to mold specialized, unique events to bring teams closer together, align them with company vision and goals and increase individual and company success.

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Aligned People + Collaborative Solutions = Successful Companies