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Are you struggling in

your relationships?

Is your business stagnant

or in decline?

We Help Companies and Individuals Overcome Challenges and Focus Resources To Amplify Results

BrainStorm’s unique training methods, workshops, coaching programs and consulting services specialize in bringing necessary human assets into alignment for both companies and individuals to achieve amplified results faster and more powerfully than ever before.

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The Power of Alignment

Do your financial dreams never

seem to materialize?

Are you stuck and feel unable

to move forward?

JD Manning

Arrowhead Home Team, Phoenix, AZ


"Rock bottom, bankrupt and recently divorced, I was working the night shift stocking shelves and living at my parents house to make ends meet. I had begun a new career and was having basic success.  Coaching with Jeff allowed me to get out of my own way, get past the mistakes and see who I wanted to be as a man and a business owner. I learned I was capable of success and it was OK for me to be happy again. I am remarried to an amazing woman, am a top 1% producer in my industry and I am happier in my daily life than I have ever been. All it took was a kick in the pants, Jeff was the man to lace up his boots."

Antionette Altman

Luxxe Designs, Ventura, CA


"Within just six months of working with BrainStorm, I have taken my business from in debt and near closing to now attracting a higher end clientele and triple the income.  I am no longer in debt and have created strategies and systems that will last. I have learned invaluable techniques for management and communication in all aspects of my life."

Bring your life into alignment and start living better.

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