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Living a Kick Ass Life

How To Get From Achingly High Potential To Confidently High Achieving In 7 Simple Steps!

Leveraging The Gifts Of The Greatest Generation.

I work with companies to enhance individual employee performance and create alignment company wide for higher levels of success. One of the tools I utilize is how to understand and leverage the various characteristics of the different generations. In all the years of studying generational differences and teaching effective ways of working together, I have […]

About BrainStorm

At BrainStorm we work with high-potential individuals who are frustrated by years of personal development work that’s left them teetering on the edge of something extraordinary but still don’t have the REAL success they want.

We help them to move forward by clearly defining and aligning their vision with the simple healthy actions and behaviors necessary to create an extraordinary life they love.

Founded by Jeff Rogers a no-nonsense coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant who has spent 20 years helping people get past the fear and self doubt that has previously stopped them from achieving real success… especially if they’ve been seeking it from other personal development or coaching programs that haven’t worked.

Jeff is known as the Quit Whining, No Excuses, Get Busy Creating the Life You Love Coach!

What others say about us

JD Manning

“Rock bottom, bankrupt and recently divorced, I was working the night shift stocking shelves and living at my parents house to make ends meet. I had begun a new career and was having basic success.  Coaching with Jeff allowed me to get out of my own way, get past the mistakes and see who I wanted to be as a man and a business owner. I learned I was capable of success and it was OK for me to be happy again. I am remarried to an amazing woman, am a top 1% producer in my industry and I am happier in my daily life than I have ever been. All it took was a kick in the pants, Jeff was the man to lace up his boots.”

JD ManningReal Estate Broker - Phoenix, AZ
Antoinette Altman

“Within just six months of working with BrainStorm, I have taken my business from in debt and near closing to now attracting a higher end clientele and triple the income.  I am no longer in debt and have created strategies and systems that will last. I have learned invaluable techniques for management and communication in all aspects of my life.”

Antoinette AltmanLuxury Interior Designer - Ventura, CA
John West

Everything I’ve done with your company… I’ve created much more than my money’s worth.  At this point, choosing into a product you offer is a “no brainer.” Your communication and the products you create get through to me, I stay in action instead of fear and I am able to shift and adapt to create what I see.

John WestNational Accounts Manager - Las Vegas, NV
Marla Letizia

My dear friend Jeff Rogers… is passionate about helping and coaching others gain success and fulfillment in their lives. He’s been in the personal growth industry for almost 20 years, and I trust him more than anyone I know in this industry. Personal development is a path we are all on whether we want to be or not. Jeff’s programs help to ease the path and helps you take control.

Marla Letizia Business Owner - Las Vegas, NV

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